Our Preschool has six different classrooms. Learn more about each one below.

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Nursery: 2 months - 15 months

Our very low 1:3 ratio allows teachers to give each child the individual attention a baby needs. The day is filled with tummy time, napping, feeding, and exploring the outdoor gardens and playgrounds. Read our current newsletter to find out more .

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Red Room: 15 months - 24 months

Toddlers are busy choosing from a wide variety of equipment and activities designed just for them. A separate infant/toddler designed playground is available for exploration and practice on coordination. Read our current newsletter to learn more.

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Purple Room: 2 year olds

This intimate class of six children is filled with adventures of learning for two year olds. Language explodes as toddlers become more capable and independent. Read our current newsletter to find out what we do.

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The daily routines and familiar rituals of the Green Room make it comfortable for young two year olds to transition into the classroom family. The small group size of six makes for lots of exploration and learning. New furnishings and equipment enhance the fresh look of this recently added classroom. Take a look at our newsletter to know what we are discovering this month.

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Yellow Room: 2 year olds

A spacious room provides plenty of challenge for toddlers turning into preschoolers. Language and social skills are developing in leaps and bounds. All development is enhanced through learning centers that include art, dramatic play, blocks and books. Read more in our newsletter.

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Blue Room: 3 year olds

The Blue Room teachers explore everything from butterflies to dinosaurs with excitement. The preschool curriculum provides lots of hands on experiences through learning centers. Check out the fun in our newsletter.

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Rainbow Room: 4 year olds

Our Pre-K teachers prepare children to succeed in Kindergarten. A big emphasis on literacy is spread throughout the classroom and include opportunities to share reading at home. Find out all the activities in our newsletter.