About the Staff

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Nicole Richardson, Minister

Rev. Nicole Richardson: 1 part Latte Aficionado, 1 part Environment Geek, 2 ½ parts Scuba Instructor and 4 parts Pastor. Too many parts? We think not! Nicole is our coffee drinking, scuba diving, pastor of South-Broadland since February 1, 2017. She is passionate about walking with people as they grow in faith. She holds firm to the truth that God loves us where we are while challenging us to move to a deeper relationship with Him and each other. She thrives using her gifts of creativity, honesty and passion for God’s word to shape worship experiences and missional life. Nicole hopes to transform how we do church by deepening our relationships in community life. By the way…her favorite book is Shades of Grey, and no that’s not the “naughty sex book”; this one is written by Jasper Fforde. Nicole sees herself as Jane of the Greys. Set up a coffee date or join her underwater...you will come to enjoy her many parts of faith, fun, fellowship and frappes.


Deena Smith, Rainbow School Director

Deena began her service as director of Rainbow School in 1985. She is committed to providing children and families a nurturing environment where they are encouraged and supported through their growth and development.