Why So Serious?

I’ve been so serious for several years now. Life sometimes has a way of shaping us into people who live life through the lens of sadness or cynicism…or focused on just getting things done. I used to be fun…silly even. I used to driver seat chair dance to music while driving. I used to be playful in my public surroundings. I used to not worry that others might perceive me as goofy. I used to laugh easily.

Sheep on Swing

This sheep gif caught my funny bone. I don’t want to anthropomorphize the sheep, but I can’t help but do it, that sheep reminds me of what I used to be…playful. The sheep epitomizes the free spirit buried deep within. It also calls to mind how the church can be. The herd standing around, not quite sure what to make of the swinging member of their clan...it’s the picture of how the larger church responds to the wacky Christian who seems to not know that the church is supposed to be somber and serious.

But is that what we are designed to be as a faith community?

“Our mouths were filled with laughter, 

our tongues with songs of joy. 

Then it was said among the nations, 

   “The LORD has done great things for them.” 

The LORD has done great things for us, 

   and we are filled with joy.” (Psalms 126:2-3)

The world is such a messy and many times sad and disappointing place to reside. This very fact is why the church needs to be able to be a place of refuge…a place for play and laughter. Sure, there are times when the faith community must be somber and serious, but let us not forget in this Easter season that this time is set aside for us to remember that God laughed at sin and death and said “you have no more sting”.

I will begin to laugh more…play more…not just personally but as a leader in the church. I believe that laughter/play builds community and connects people in a way that brings God given joy. AND I believe people ultimately enjoy being with people who like being people together.

When my family went to Miami in February, we came across swings in a mall in the design district. My mom and I climbed into swings. It brought me a sense of peace and joy “playing” with my mom in that moment. I’m not advocating for putting swings in the sanctuary…I’m just encouraging us all to climb into our metaphorical swing and bring laughter, joy, and peace to church.